Buy A Larger Dining Room Table Set That Includes A Built-In Lazy Susan

Posted on: 17 February 2020

If large meals at your home tend to result in an overcrowded table and inadequate space for seating, there may have been times when more than one family member opted to take a tray into the living room in order to enjoy their meal. Investing in an expandable dining set that contains stackable chairs and a built-in lazy Susan will allow you and your loved ones to use the furniture for every single meal that is served.

Plenty Of Room For Your Family And More

Purchase a table that is slightly larger than the one you are using now and that contains an expansion leaf. Buy matching chairs that can be stacked neatly in a corner when not in use. For instance, if you have four immediate family members, including yourself, you can utilize the standard-sized table and four chairs when you and your family are going to be eating. During these occasions, place the extra chairs in an area that is away from the table.

During larger gatherings, which include extended family members, bring out the extra chairs and use the expansion leaf to make the table larger than what it normally is. Wood or another durable material is typically used to make tables that expand. The end pieces of the table will need to be pulled apart and the leaf can be inserted directly over the frame. After lining the leaf up, the table will be secure once the two end pieces have been pushed toward one another and locked into place.

Passing Food Will Be A Thing Of The Past

A lazy Susan is a turntable device that can be used to hold large bowls, platters of food, or condiments. If you tend to set food and accessories on specific parts of the table, you and your family members need to pass things around to allow everyone to fill their plates. Spend more time eating and less time shifting food and condiments by purchasing a dining room table that contains a built-in lazy Susan.

Look for a round, rectangle, or square-shaped turntable, and try to pick one that will be large enough to hold all of the platters and condiments that you will need to use for a standard meal. Once it is meal time, you and your family can sit in your chairs and won't be disrupted during the meal. This will allow more time to enjoy your food or conversate with one another. The right dining room furniture can make a world of difference in how you use your space.