How To Choose The Perfect Sofa For Your Room

Posted on: 18 December 2019

Sofa. Couch. Davenport. Divan. Settee. Whatever word you choose to use, deciding on the right sofa for your room can be a difficult task with no clear-cut answers. There are a few points that can guide you in your search for the perfect sofa, however. 


The most common size for a sofa is about 80 inches, often called a three-cushion sofa simply for the fact that it usually has three cushions. While this size can comfortably fit three people, four in a pinch, it may not work for the size of your room. For a smaller room, two smaller settees with room for two people each work well flanking a fireplace or picture window.

That said, do not be afraid to buck the norms. A dramatic, ten-foot sofa can really wow in a room and allows you to group chairs at each end and create two separate and distinct seating areas perfect for parties. 


Couch fabrics run the gamut from fine silks to durable leathers and everything in between. Your choice depends on your living situation. If you have small children or pets, you may want to choose a sturdy fabric that has been treated with a stain-resistant spray.  


Sofas last a long time and, due to this fact, you may lean towards playing it safe. A safe neutral color, like beige or gray, is always a wise choice and will always complement your other furniture as your tastes evolve over the years.

If you are in love with a deep green velvet, however, and can't get it out of your mind, go for it. This is your sofa. If it makes you smile when you look at it, buy it. Use it as a statement piece in your living room. Let it speak to your sense of style. Some of the most well-designed spaces have bold color and design choices. 


Whether you prefer Prairie-style furniture or lean over to the Mid-century mod side, choose a transitional shape for your sofa. While you can re-upholster a sofa and have a fresh color palette to decorate around, you can never change the shape of your sofa. 

Transitional is a blend of both traditional and modern design aesthetics. It features clean lines, a lack of ornamentation, and simple shapes that combine to create a timeless look. 

Choosing the perfect sofa for your room is a personal decision. What works for one person won't necessarily work for the next. Choose the couch that you love and you won't be disappointed.

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