Components Of A Living Room Set You May Want To Buy When You Get New Furniture

Posted on: 20 November 2019

If you're updating your home and need new living room furniture, it's helpful to shop at a furniture store that shows complete living room sets together. That makes it easier to pull together a look that's just right than it is if you pick and choose individual pieces yourself from different stores or online. Here are some components of a living room set to consider.

The Sofa

The sofa is probably the most important piece because of its size. It commands the most attention in the room, so you want to consider the color, pattern, size, and construction when choosing your sofa. Since the sofa will get a lot of use, quality construction is important. A high-quality sofa lasts for years and is easy to keep clean and attractive. Determining the right size is essential, and the best way to do that is to take exact measurements at home.

You may need to tape off areas of your house where you will place the sofa, chairs, and end tables so you'll know how much room is available to walk around the pieces. Since sofas and other living room furniture come in different sizes, you'll want to know the right size to look for when you go shopping.

The Chairs

You may want one or two easy chairs in your living room. However, if the room is small and you have a larger family room that you'll use more often, then you may only want a sofa in your formal living room. You may also want a side chair that's smaller than a big comfy easy chair and more formal looking. When you look at sets in a living room furniture store, you may see chairs and sofas made from the same material that are an exact match. Consider your personal style, since you may want a chair of a contrasting color or that has a pattern design that complements your sofa but doesn't look just like it.

The Tables

You need at least one table in your living room so you have a place to rest drinks or place books. A coffee table in front of the sofa may be all you need. You might even get a big ottoman instead and use a tray to hold drinks if you like that look better than a solid table. End tables at the sides of the sofa are nice for giving you a place to keep a remote or a drink. Plus, it gives you a place to put table lamps.

However, end tables are not always necessary and they can take up too much space in a small room. This is when knowing how much available space you have is important because you don't want to crowd your room with furniture you don't really need.

Besides these main pieces, you may want an entertainment center, a console table, a TV stand, or a bookcase in your living room. When you shop for all of your pieces at the same furniture store that has arrangements of pieces that go together well, it's easy to pick just what you want to create your new living space no matter how large or small your room.