Inherited A Lot Of Furniture? Invest In Furniture Restoration To Use It In Your Home

Posted on: 8 September 2018

While you may have a fully furnished home, you may not be so attached to the furniture pieces that you are determined to keep them. So, when you inherit a lot of furniture, you may have sentimental value on these pieces, especially if you remember seeing and using the furniture.

Although you could remove some of your own furniture pieces and replace them with the inherited furniture, they may not fit with the overall look and style of your home. An excellent way to handle this situation is to get furniture restored so that you can alter their look to fit your aesthetic.


One of the details that may be preventing furniture from fitting in with your home is the upholstery. While you are getting repairs, you can have restoration experts reupholster some or all your furniture. This will allow you to pick from fabric, colors, and designs that will work well in your house.

If you are having a difficult time with making these decisions, you can ask furniture repair professionals to come up with their own designs and then you can pick your favorite one.


When you inherit furniture with wood parts, you may be uncomfortable with how they look. But, you will have an opportunity to stain the wood to achieve a look more fitting with your home. It can get tricky trying to figure out how a certain stain will change the look of the wood, so you will appreciate having professional assistance to pick the right stain based on the color you desire.


An important part of using the furniture that you have inherited is making sure that everything is in excellent condition. Since some of the furniture may be rather old, being able to repair damaged or broken legs will keep you from having to donate, recycle, or throw away pieces.


When repairs are not possible, you may want to invest in replacements for certain parts. For instance, a furniture repair company may not be able to find identical replacements for the legs, which means you will want to get new replacements for every single leg. You can choose a design that is like the old one, or you can use this opportunity to go for a new look entirely.

If the cushions for chairs or couches are feeling somewhat stiff, you can also have professionals replace the cushion inserts to bring comfort back to the old furniture pieces.

Investing in furniture restoration is a great way to make use of old, inherited furniture.