Selling Furniture On Consignment: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 12 January 2017

If you have gently used or like-new furniture you want to sell at a great price, then consigning your pieces is a great route to go. You can take your furniture to many home designs or consignment stores to either sell pieces outright to the store owners so they can resell them for profit, or you can hold out and wait to get paid when your items sell to a customer, stating your own price. The store will then take a small percentage of your profits as their fee for housing your items until they sold. It's a great way to make quick money or get a better return on furniture you took care for. Here are things you should know about selling your furniture on consignment.

Brand names matter

Just like clothing consignment, the more recognizable or popular the brand of furniture you have, the better it will sell and the more money you can make from a store wanting to capitalize on your unwanted things. Compile a list of popular furniture brands of your local consignment shops to see if the pieces you have are likely to fall in the 'in demand' category. Take pictures of brand markings on your pieces as well as full shots of your unwanted furnishings so local shops can assess the quality of your brand name items to help valuate their selling worth.

Profits vary 

Do you need to make quick money on your used furniture? If so, you may want to sell your pieces outright to a furniture or consignment shop. This means you won't be able to haggle as much on your selling price since the store will get to decide how much value they want to place on your sale. If you choose to consign your furnishings, you can yield a greater profit since you get to decide how much to sell your pieces for to the end consumer, but you will likely wait longer for your money since you don't get paid until things sell. Another option for profits is simply getting store credit for the furniture you bring in. This can often be far more than you would get paid directly, and is an excellent way to 'trade' your unwanted home decor for new items for your home.

Do some research on the make and model of your furniture pieces prior to consigning them so you know what their actual worth it. This way, you can have better haggling power when consigning them at a store.