Selecting Furniture To Fill A Small Space

Posted on: 3 November 2016

If you recently moved into a small apartment or home and you are in charge of filling the interior with furniture, you are likely a bit limited in what you can select because of size restraints. Picking the wrong pieces to decorate a small space can make the area you live in even smaller in appearance. Here are some tips you can use in an attempt to pick out the perfect pieces of furniture for small areas so you do not feel overcrowded after they are added to your home's interior.

Consider Multi-Use Pieces

When selecting furniture for a small space, versatility is key. Pieces that provide more than one function will free up space in your home for other items you need. These pieces are often compact in size as well. Consider using a living room coffee table with added drawers to hold smaller items or shelves for your books and movie collection. In the bedroom, think about purchasing a bed with storage underneath it or a desk incorporated on one side. A couch with a pull-out bed feature is great for those who need space for two separate sleeping areas when only one bedroom is available. 

Utilize Walls For Storage Areas

Your walls can be used to store items you do not wish to clutter the middle portions of your rooms. Shelves can be positioned on each wall, or corner units can be placed to hold some of the treasures you wish to display. Use shadow boxes to hold smaller items so you do not need to dust them as often. Hanging hooks on walls will allow you to get items off the floor or the tops of your tables to give your room appeal without filling in the middle portion of the living space.

Divert Attention To Expand The Illusion Of Space

Directing the eyes to areas of the room you choose will help in making it seem to appear larger. Consider placing a large mirror on one wall in the home, as this will make the space seem expansive in size. Adding light to a room will also make the area feel bigger. Place lamps on the wall or in corners of the room where you wish to draw attention to a piece of furniture you love.

Painting the walls in a light color will help make the space feel bigger as well. Buying light-colored furniture will also be beneficial. Instead of purchasing pieces that contrast with the wall color, stick with similar hues so the area does not have blatant perimeters showing how small the area really is.

For more ideas, contact a local furniture store.