A Few Furniture Care Tips That Can Be Easy To Overlook

Posted on: 5 June 2016

Buying furniture from afurniture store for your home or office can represent a sizable investment. Sadly, there are some individuals that may not be particularly well-informed about the type of care that is needed to properly maintain these items. To help keep your furniture safe from unnecessary wear and other forms of damage, you should consider the following few tips.

Apply Stain Guards To Any Upholstery

Upholstered furniture can be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. However, the cloth can be particularly prone to developing stains. Whether this is due to someone spilling something or simply the result of heavy use, it can drastically degrade the appearance of your furniture. Luckily, it is possible to help avoid this type of problem by applying a stain guard to any of the furniture's fabric. Without this protection, liquids and pigments would be able to easily and quickly absorb into the fabric of the furniture. While stains can still form if these substances are not quickly cleaned up, the presence of a stain guard can buy you the time needed to clean up the spill before it results in an unsightly stain.

Have The Furniture Steam Cleaned Each Year

Regular use can expose your upholstered furniture to large amounts of dirt and dust. This may not seem like a major problem, but these substances can work their way into the fibers of the upholstery. If this occurs, the furniture can appear dull and dirty. However, this is a relatively simple problem to avoid as steam cleaning can be a highly effective way of removing this dirt from the upholstery fibers. Ideally, you should have your upholstered furniture steam cleaned once a year to help ensure that its colors stay as vibrant as possible.

Minimize Exposure To Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can be a source of damage that can be easy to overlook. However, the intense energy from the sun's ultraviolet rays of light can cause the colors in your upholstery to fade. When this happens, it may not be possible to restore the vibrancy of the fabric without having the furniture reupholstered. To minimize this source of damage, you should consider moving any furniture out of the path of direct sunlight. When this is not a viable or desirable option, you may want to consider installing a window film that can reflect the ultraviolet rays of light. While this may seem excessive, the cost of installing this film will be a fraction of what is needed to reupholster faded furniture.