Furnishing Your Living Room In A Kid-Friendly Way: Ideas You Can Incorporate Into Your Modern Home

Posted on: 11 November 2015

Having a baby is a life-changing experience in more ways than one. You not only have to learn how to care for a tiny infant day in and day out, you need to think about making your home more kid-friendly. After all, before long, your little bundle of joy will be running through the house and wanting to climb on furniture and play with all your belongings. If the thought of turning your modern-designed home into a kid-friendly zone makes your head spin, don't worry. There are plenty of ideas to make your home more ideal for children while letting you keep your adult flair at the same time.

Area rugs

Area rugs add a touch of color and dimension to key areas of your home, such as your dining room, family area, or living room. They also help protect your expensive carpet or shining hardwood. When your child gets old enough to crawl, they will want to explore the world around them, and this means you risk stains and sticky substances all over your flooring as a result. Remedy this by adding a colorful area rug to your home so if your child spills their sippy cup on the floor, you'll hardly notice. Try these ideas:

  • jagged stripes in neutral tones
  • animal prints, such as zebra or leopard
  • decadent floral patterns in royal hues


If you stare wistfully at your creamy leather sofa and wonder if you will ever see it that clean again, you don't have to fret. You can buy lovely furniture covers at your local furniture store, or you can simply upgrade to a darker style. Consider black or coffee-toned leather furniture to help keep stains and fingerprints from showing as boldly. Some furniture stores may even be able to re-pigment your lighter leather furniture for you to a darker tone.

If you want to change your furniture entirely, think patterns as a replacement. Patterned sofas and chairs add an adult glamour to your living space while being kid-friendly in design. Patterns hide those little cheerios and sticky finger marks with ease and can be easily steam cleaned the next time you have your carpets cleaned (which will be often, now that you have a little one running around).


If your walls are a lighter white or tan color, now is the time to upgrade to a dusty gray or pretty mauve. These hues are both light and uplifting while providing ample color to your room at the same time. If you aren't ready to color commit, then paint a single wall a dark hue of your choosing (navy and eggplant are excellent choices) to give your walls a fighting chance against shoe scuff marks and those ever-present fingerprints.

You will love raising your new baby in your home, especially when you have the furnishings and decor to take on the challenge of a little one running around. You can still keep your grown-up style while having a baby, you just have to do a few upgrades.