3 Tips For Finding High-End Furniture At A Flea Market

Posted on: 5 November 2015

Everyone loves a bargain, and there is no better place to negotiate than a flea market. If you are hoping to invest in some high-end furnishings for your home without breaking the bank, then a flea market can be a great place to find some unique pieces at a great price.

Here are three tips you can use when it comes to finding high-end furniture at the flea market to ensure you invest in only the highest quality items available.

1. Look for maker's marks when evaluating furniture pieces.

High-end furnishings are often akin to works of art. Since the turn of the 20th century furniture manufacturers often stamped their furnishings with elaborate logos as a way of branding the piece for the future. These logos are commonly referred to as maker's marks.

Before you visit your local flea market, take the time to become familiar with some of the maker's marks used by high-end furniture designers. This information will allow you to make sound investments when purchasing furniture from flea market vendors.

2. Become familiar with antique and high-end furniture styles.

When you take the time to become familiar with a number of antique and high-end furniture styles, you will be able to spot authentic pieces from reproductions as you scour the flea market for furniture.

Knowing that Late Colonial furniture was made from pine and mahogany, or understanding the difference between the slender lines of a Georgian Adam piece and the graceful curves of Queen Anne furnishings will help you spot style discrepancies that might make a piece of furniture have no value.

3. Always carry a smartphone for on-the-spot research.

Smartphones provide consumers with access to the Internet at all times. Carrying your own smartphone with you as you shop at a flea market can be a simple way to conduct research on potential high-end purchases.

You can use your phone to find similar items on auction websites in order to determine value, which will prevent you from paying too much for your flea market finds.

Purchasing furniture items from a flea market can be a great way to add style to your home for a fraction of the cost of purchasing retail. Knowing how to identify maker's marks and high-end styles will allow you to weed out reproduction pieces, and researching value on your smartphone will prevent you from overpaying for high-end flea market furnishings in the future.

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