3 Helpful Tips When Choosing A Mattress For A Studio Apartment

Posted on: 29 October 2015

Living in a studio apartment can be a great way to save money if you do not need a lot of space, but it still important that you do not skimp on some of the essentials for comfortable living. While switching from a king-size bed to a queen or smaller may be essential to make the most of the square footage, you should still consider the following tips for choosing the ideal mattress. 

Consider if You Want a Traditional Bed or Not

The most important place to start picking a mattress is the style of the bed. While memory-foam and spring mattresses are a few examples of mattresses that everyone needs to compare, you still need to explore what types of mattresses work for small spaces.

The following options should all be considered if you plan on skipping a traditional style bed and want something that will help save space. 

  • Murphy bed: One of the best ways to maximize space in a studio apartment, murphy beds can fold into the wall when not in use and are ideal for any size of bed.
  • Futon: If you frequently have guests over and are comfortable with opening and closing the bed regularly, a futon can work great since it doubles as a seating area.
  • Folding mattress: Commonly seen in Japan and other Asian countries, folding mattresses can be quite comfortable and easily fold away to be placed in the corner of a room or closet when not in use.

Avoid a Large Frame and Box-Spring

While you may be accustomed to large beds with a frame and traditional box spring, they can take up far too much room in a studio apartment where everything is in a single room. To create an illusion of more space, consider getting a platform bed instead that provides storage underneath without looking bulky in appearance.

Plan for the Future Before Buying

While you may want a thin mattress that can be folded away, it is a good idea to consider how long you plan on living in the studio apartment. In many cases, you may be using the apartment as a temporary stepping stone. In this case, you will need to consider if you want to bring the mattress with you or if you are comfortable with only using it in the studio.

Picking out a mattress for a studio apartment should be done with patience so that no there are no regrets. By choosing a mattress with size and comfort in mind, you should be happy with your decision for a long time to come. Visit a mattress company like Midwest Bedding Company today.